How to organise your desk for ultimate productivity

How to organise your desk for ultimate productivity

How to organise your desk for ultimate productivity


An organised desk can set the tone and productivity level at work. When you organise and maintain your desk, you are creating the best environment for accomplishing your work tasks.To look at a messy, cluttered desk, makes it hard to focus on the tasks at hand and also makes it harder to find things you need, such as important documents, files, and even a pen to write things down!

With the right workspace layout, your desk can become a space that encourages creativity and innovation.

Here are some desk organisation tips that we believe will help you with your productivity.

Eliminate distraction
Items that you use regularly should be close by on your desk. Having them either on your desk or in a personal storage unit is going to mean you don’t have to walk away from your desk to find them and therefore, get distracted from the job at hand.

Go through piles of paper
Allocate time to go through every single item that sits on your work surface. Organise any papers and use a filing system to sort them in a methodical way, so that they can be easily found when required.

Piles of paper can be used as a way to procrastinate and put off completing a project. Important documents and files can go missing or be overlooked in piles of paper, meaning deadlines may be missed.

No food at the desk
Avoid eating food at your desk, this will ensure it stays clean from crumbs and spills. If you do eat at your desk, make sure you put all food waste in the kitchen bin or a bin away from your workspace, as this will reduce unpleasant smells from stale and old food.

Keep it clean and tidy
Now that you have spent the time to organise your own workspace, you need to maintain it! J

Spending 5 minutes each day to reduce the clutter and wiping your desk with an antibacterial cleaner will help you maintain a workspace that is primed for productivity and effectiveness.

It’s easy to let the organisation of your desk drop when you get busy with other tasks, but remember how good it feels to arrive at work and sit down in a clean, clutter-free workspace. You’ll likely find that you have a better attitude towards your work and feel less stressed. Make it a priority to have an organised desk and take advantage of the benefits that come along with this.

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