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Reception and Foyer Furniture

When most of the office managers try to set up a new reception and foyer furniture, they have a question – what’s there to plan about this?

After visiting a dozen offices in your life, you start understanding the basic idea on how to set up reception lounges.

There is a reception desk, some waiting area, most probably a storage space and some more seating area. That should complete the foyer furniture, right?

Well, not really. The difference between businesses that use a template approach and the ones that plan for it deliberately is that the latter group understands its specific needs.

You might be a financial service or security business which needs to showcase its healthy business model from the outset.

Or you might be a startup trying to attract talent for your company. Here, you want to portray inclusive and ‘cool’ work culture.

Depending on what business you are in and what experience you want to provide your visitors, you have to think about the reception area furniture.

Here are a few things you will need – anyway.

Every business is different but has some basic commonalities – an accounting team, proprietors and customers. Similarly, even though you want a unique reception space, there are some basic components that you will need anyway. 

Reception Units: You have to have a reception unit. This is where your reception staff and security will be seated.

The counter units have to display your corporate identity and the space to have the necessary accessories.

For instance – you may need an announcer or a computer or a biometric attendance system installed. 

Reception Chairs: These chairs can constitute a basic seating arrangement for your visitors. 

Depending on the number of visitors you have on an average day, you can get the required number of chairs. Beam seating is a common variant of reception chairs. 

Here is what you should do if you want to generate value with your reception area.

Once you have the units and the chairs in place you may feel that you have a reception area. Well, not exactly. 

The reception area has to reflect your policies and culture in the office. Hence, the process for setting up the perfect reception area has to be a little more deliberate:

  1. Make a list of your visitors: This is more important than you may think. Over the period of a few months, make a list of all your visitors.

Doing this will help you understand the specific needs of your visitors. For instance – if you have a ton of client walk-ins, you should consider establishing reception lounges.

If you have a lot of temporary visitors coming in, you should have appropriate storage facilities for the personal belongings right at the reception. 

  1. Consider all the activities conducted in the reception area: Once you know who are the visitors and what are their needs, you can focus on what is done in the reception area.

There would be people who will wait for their appointments. Hence reception chairs that are comfortable will be required.

There might be people who have been called for a small meeting. Inviting them into the main working area might not be necessary. A reception lounge will help here.

  1. Design your reception area in line with your office: The biggest mistake that operators and office managers make is when they create a disparity between the reception and the office interiors.

If you have an exceptionally designed and crafted reception lounge, your office interiors should also match the same levels of detail.

This is because people who are visiting your premises for the first time are trying to take as many cues as possible to gauge the health of your business. Being consistent will only help.

  1. Look inside instead of looking outside: The idea is simple – don’t blindly follow an office design trend for the reception area. Instead, focus on the needs of your visitors. 

Some office managers like to show that they are bringing the trends of the office design to their workplace. This may not help in the long run, since it puts emphasis on the wrong ideas.

By following trends, you end up focusing on the aesthetics instead of addressing the problems you want to solve with a reception area. 

Does it all seem tricky? Don’t worry. We are here to help you out.

Whether you are a small business sitting on its growth trajectory or an established corporate brand looking to give a new spin to its office – we can help you out.

Between getting new business, hiring the right people and maintaining profits, business operators often don’t have the time to work in the reception area. 

This is where we come into the picture. We understand that your business will have its idiosyncratic goals and challenges. Thus, we sit with you to understand them.

We give you a free office design consultation session. This way, we deploy design thinking to help you solve the majority of the problems your business faces, with your new reception area. 

Whether it is the requirement for customized solutions or cost-efficient ideas for organizing spaces, we can do it all for you. 

We understand that it is more important for most office managers to get the reception units and seats delivered on time than to get a fancy design intricately worked upon.

Thus, we partner with the best services in the industry and provide delivery across Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin and Canberra.

We know that you have great ambitions for your business. Thus, irrespective of what is the value of your office furniture on paper, you would want to use it for years to come.

This is the reason why we work with the best craftsmen in the industry and provide best in class warranties on all our offerings. 

Now when you choose your foyer furniture, you will be assured that you will get in time, in your desired condition and backed by solid warranties.

Get in touch with our team today to claim your free office design consultation session.