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Quiet Zone Furniture

The only innovative term that the tech industry hates worldwide, is the term ‘bubble’. No technology company wants to be called a bubble or living in a bubble. But in a strange way, ‘bubble’ philosophy has had great implications on the productivity of tech companies.

Here is where it all began – when the open design offices started trending, every single major company that was trying to position itself as an innovation hub, adapted it.

The open offices did a great job for companies which wanted their teams to collaborate and who wanted to show that hierarchy was not that important in their business.

Mind well, open offices are good. But a recent Harvard study claimed that they can hamper productivity.

This is because not employees and not all jobs are the right fit into an open working environment. Now, the open office design is a great cultural shift for any organization.

How do you add some level of private working space in an innovative open office design? That is where quiet pods come into the picture.

What are quiet pods?

Quiet pods modular cabins which act as dedicated spaces for your employees. They give your teams and employees their own bubble to work into. Want to give a team its dedicated space to work for the project?

Great, go for a quiet pod. Want to give the employees an option to have a hot desk culture but also want to give them an alternative with increased privacy?

Quiet pods are for you. Even if you want a small space for something as simple and yet important as a conference call – you can have a quite pod in place.

What type of quiet pod will your business need?

That would largely depend on two factors:

  1. How big is your office? This will help you understand how many quiet pods can you have in place. 
  2. At what rate is your business growing? This will make you reflect on how many quite pods you will need in the very near future. 

Once you have decided on both these factors – you can start thinking about the use cases you want to have for a quite pod. Quiet pods come in several shapes, sizes and forms:

Hush Pod: This is the most innovative of all designs. These pods are modular and have glass openings on both the sides of their cuboid structures. Usually, they are very good at keeping the booth insulated from all external noise. 

There are several variants to the hush pod – for teams, for individuals, for specific purposes like dedicated calling spaces and even open hush pods. Open hush pods give a more casually bifurcated space for teams.

They don’t give the noise cancellation feature of the regular hush pod, but they do give teams a private space to work and collaborate at. 

Collaborative Booth: The collaborative booth takes the idea of the hush pod and makes it permanent. Hush pods seem permanent and use glass, wood and other materials to give that personal space to teams and individuals.

Collaborative booths are in place with a screen and a seating arrangement installed around it, along with insulated walls on all the sides and an entry-point on one hand.

These booths may or may not have a door and hence do not give the insulated feel of a hush pod.

That said and done, they are still able to do their job of giving the employees a dedicated space for meeting, team collaboration and working. 

Surround Sofa: The surround sofa is a rather innovative solution. Instead of making new arrangements and adding pods or booths, you can use these sofas to give a sense of private working area to your employees.

As the name suggests, surround sofas are couches with a walling attached to three sides. They can be made to order for teams and individuals. But in the larger scheme of things, they are highly suited for individuals. 

How can we help you get the right quite pods for your team?

We have been helping businesses get the right office furniture for years now. Over the years, we have developed a bespoke approach to help each business we engage with, get the most out of our products. Here’s how we do it: 

Free Interior Designing & Planning Consultation: Instead of immersing you in our product catalogues, we help you with the interior planning and designing of your office. Once we have formed a definitive plan to tackle the problems, we start with the products.

Wide range with tremendous customizability: We work with a ton of businesses and understand that one may need a ton of alternatives to find that one right piece of furniture.

When it comes to quite pods, our approach is the same. You can choose the right quite pod according to your need and choice in colour, size and design. Once you have decided on a base design, we will also help you with tailoring the product range to your specific requirements. 

Industry-leading warranties: We know that you would want to maximize the useful life of your office furniture for both financial and operational reasons.

Hence, we provide you with industry-leading warranties that help you get your office furniture stay in the safe hands of experts for all the servicing and repair required.

We deliver across Australia: Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide or Darwin – we make sure the furniture reaches you without a scratch and in time.

Don’t wait anymore! Your teams need their quiet pods and we can help you get the right ones. Give us a call or reach out to us via email and we will be ready with your free consultation session.