Office Storage Solutions

A tidy business is a productive business, and adequate office storage is essential to keep things organised. Storage needs to be practical, but it can still look good in your office, locker rooms, storage rooms and other areas of your business.

Bevisco has a huge range of office storage furniture to help you furnish your business with useful storage. We have everything from storage lockers and filing cabinets to cupboards and bookshelves. Take a look at the products that we have available to find the perfect products for your business.

Filing Cabinets

Even though many offices are becoming digital now, there’s still a need to keep some things on paper.

Being able to organise all of your papers and files keeps your office in order and improves productivity and efficiency. We have filing cabinets in a range of sizes and styles, including vertical and lateral filing units.

A choice of a range of drawers gives you flexibility in style and storage options, and you can choose a suitable width too. Get decorative with filing cabinets that feature planter tops, ideal for breathing some life into any office.

Storage Lockers

Keeping people’s personal effects safe is essential for a number of business models. You might need to provide your staff with lockers so that they can store their possessions while they’re working.

Or you might need to provide your customers with storage lockers to store their clothes or other personal items while they use your facilities.

Our storage lockers include lockers suitable for schools, changing rooms, train stations, and more. We even have high-tech Bluetooth and RF lockers to provide extra security for the lockers that you have on site.

Choose lockers in colours that work for your business with our large selection.

Mobile Pedestals and Caddies

Mobile storage units have a number of benefits. Being able to move around pedestals and caddies makes it easier to get things from A to B. Perhaps you need to move equipment between classrooms in a school or move files around in an office.

You can make the most of the space that you have, rolling your storage units out of the way when you don’t need them and rolling them out when you need to access them.

Take a look at our pedestals and caddies with drawers and shelves to get mobile, space-saving storage units.

Cupboards and Credenzas

Our range of cupboards and credenzas makes storage around your business easy. Perfect for offices of all types and other workplaces too, we have lots of different styles and sizes to meet your business’s storage needs.

You can store your essential files, organise CDs and DVDs in a multimedia cabinet or put things on display in a glass-doored cabinet. Modular office storage makes it easy to configure your cupboards in the way that you want, making the most of your available space.

Tall and slim storage options help you to use vertical space, as well as horizontal space.


Efficient shelving systems are a key part of storage for many businesses. Shelves can be used to organise inventory or to help keep offices and other spaces in order.

Bevisco has different types of shelving available to suit different types of businesses. Our products include wire shelving, stallion shelving, and uni-shelving, giving you a number of options for your warehouse, office, workshop or any other workspace where you need to keep everything neat and tidy.

Browse our shelving options to see which styles would work best for your business.

Tambour Door Cupboards

Office Storage cupboards can take up more space than you can spare because you need to leave space for the doors to open. However, with a tambour door cabinet, that isn’t a worry. Tambour doors are retractable, so you don’t need extra space to swing the doors open.

Our tambour door cupboards offer you a space-saving solution and you can even choose cabinets with adjustable shelves. Get easy access to anything that you need with stylish units.

You can lock them too, so everything inside is kept secure when you don’t need access to it.

Sliding Door Cupboards

Another way to save space by getting rid of swinging cupboard doors is to choose cupboards with sliding doors.

Sliding door cupboards give you access to their contents, without the need to leave extra space for the doors. We have cabinets, cupboards, and counters with plenty of storage space to give you a practical and stylish storage solution for your business.

Like tambour door cupboards, sliding door cupboards and cabinets are easy to open when you need access to them but you can lock them when you need to keep their contents secure.


You don’t have to own a library or bookshop to have a need for bookshelves. Many businesses can benefit from having strong and sturdy bookshelves and bookcases.

We have bookshelves in a range of sizes, including widths and heights. Choose from our range of bookshelves for your office and benefit from adjustable shelves so that you can put each one at the perfect height.

Bookshelves are ideal for offices, waiting rooms and reception areas, and even cafes or hotel lounges where customers and guests will appreciate the option of a good book to read.

Compactus Units

Compactus units are perfect for archiving anything from files to artifacts. This compact and mobile storage unit style is the ultimate option for saving space.

You can adjust the shelves on the tracks so less space is needed, and you can relocate the unit to wherever you want, whenever you want. Various heights and widths are available so that you can get the perfect storage unit for the space that you have available.

We offer units with four, six or eight bays, with five shelves each. Everything is fully lockable for extra security, and there are manual or mechanically assisted options available too.

Bevisco takes care of all of your commercial furniture needs. Get the storage that you need that will save space and answer all of your practical needs.