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Storage Lockers

Storage lockers have a broad range of uses, ideal for gyms, schools, offices, and more. At, we have a choice of storage locker options.

Uses for Storage Lockers

Storage lockers can provide storage space for both staff and customers. Use them in your staff locker room to allow them to protect their personal items.

Our lockers are ideal for gyms and fitness environments, providing people with storage space for their clothes and valuables as they swim or workout.

Installing storage lockers is also excellent for schools and universities. Students can have their own personal storage space that they can use throughout the day.

Even train stations and other public spaces can make use of storage lockers. They provide an extra service to the public and various service users.

Storage Locker Designs and Materials

We have a choice of different designs and materials for businesses looking for storage lockers.

Plastic Lockers

Plastic lockers are long-lasting and durable. They offer a range of applications, as well as a choice of colours, while being waterproof and UV-proof.

Laminate Lockers

Laminate lockers offer excellent quality, with a choice of sizes and locking mechanisms. They can be upgraded with the latest tech, such as media docking stations.

Metal Lockers

Choose steel lockers for durable, heavy-duty storage space that can withstand daily use for many years. We have different sizes and configurations available.

Choice of Colours

Choose colours for your storage lockers that work for your brand with our choice of designs. Custom pandora lockers allow you to choose colour and design.

Storage Locker Configurations

You can configure your storage lockers however you want, especially with our custom options. We have sets of lockers with different numbers and sizes.

Carousel lockers offer a heavy-duty circular design, which has various options for configuration. Schools lockers and metal lockers come with a choice of door configurations.

Take a look at our custom pandora lockers for lockers that match your brand. You can add benching to elevate their functionality.

Storage Locker Technology

Make your storage lockers more high-tech with a number of technological capabilities. Improve functionality for users, as well as security.

Equip your lockers with Bluetooth and RF security to make them more secure than ever. Match your site’s security to your lockers for access using smartphones.

We can also equip lockers with tech, such as LED lighting and media docking stations. Take your storage lockers to the next level.

Storage Locker Warranties

Benefit from a strong warranty of up to 20 years on some of our storage lockers. We guarantee your lockers will last for years.

You are protected against any faults when you buy our storage lockers thanks to their long warranties.

Delivery for Our Storage Lockers

At, we can deliver our storage lockers all over Australia. We have offices in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, and Darwin.

Enquire today about any of our storage lockers for a quote if you are interested in one or more of the products that we have available.