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Free Standing Privacy screens

Does privacy concern you on social media? It definitely does to a ton of people. It’s almost like people want free standing privacy screens for social media.

When privacy concerns on a social media platform can cause such anxiety, imagine what will it do in a workplace.

It makes sense to have free standing privacy screens in place if you are dealing with sensitive data. Government contractors and intelligence personnel already know that part.

But what about the everyday workplace? It is not advisable to make a ton of cubicles and cabins across the floors. That would hinder collaboration. 

The solution is pretty simple – free standing privacy screens.  

Do you need privacy screens in your office?

As a confident business operator or owner, who might have a cabin already in place, it would be very tough for you to answer that question for your employees. 

The best way to go ahead would be by asking your employees. The new programmer who is worried about being always supervised would say ‘yes’.

The manager who wants to focus on a critical report for the month and is disturbed by the noise would say ‘yes’.

The team that has is tasked with bringing new products and needs a brainstorming arena would say ‘yes’.

Once you start mapping out the needs of your employees, you will start seeing the natural need for privacy screens in the office.

What type of privacy screen should you buy?

There are several options available. But the more important question is – what do you plan to achieve with your privacy screen. 

Do you want to create temporary compartmentalization in the office? In that case, you will need the privacy screens to work like temporary walls.

Do you need a specific place where teams and individuals can work in silence? You will need acoustic screens

There are privacy screens that have wheels attached to them. Now you can divide your office spaces the way you want, without having to worry about the permanence of the installation.

One use cases that office managers often forget about is aesthetics. Privacy screens can be used to enhance the aesthetic feel of your entire workplace.

You can play with colours and themes. Or, you can have a vertical garden within the office that will act as a natural partition screen. After all, we all enjoy some time in nature! 

How can we help you get the best partition screens for your business?

We have worked with several small businesses and have helped them get the right partition screens for their offices.

Here’s our little secret – instead of looking at them as just privacy screens, we look at them as solutions for the business. These screens will have a genuine impact on your bottom line and topline.

Privacy screens will help your employees have a sense of ownership thanks to their own dedicated space. They will increase collaboration. They will boost employee morale. 

All of this adds up for the business. If something is so vital for your business, you should have complete control over it. And that is precisely what we provide. 

We help you map out all the problems you are facing with your office space, and then we devise solutions based on privacy screens

To add to that, we give you all the customizability you seek – with colours, materials, forms and features. This way, you get precisely what you need.  

We understand that a solution is useful only if it does not cause more hindrances. That is why we provide industry-leading warranties and deliver across Australia. Whether you are in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide or Darwin – your free standing privacy screens will reach you at the right time.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call or shoot a mail. 

Our team will get in touch with you and give you a free office consultation session to help you better organize or create your office interiors.