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Footrests for Office Chairs

You may choose to buy a Mercedes, and on top of that, you might purchase other accessories. Why? Because an accessory can add more value to the product. The same role is played by footrests.

No matter how much we talk about open office designs and hot-desking, there are some fundamentals that are non-negotiable. A footrest for the chairs is one such accessory.

Most office managers don’t think on a level granular enough to consider the need for footrests. Yet, every single person who uses a desk would show the need for one.

Here is the thumb rule – if you use your desk for more than half of your working day, you need a footrest.

Footrests are critical to the business’ profit margins.

It might seem a bit far-fetched, but there is a clear connection between the two. The business’ margins are dependent on increasing the top-line or eliminating the expenses.

Footrests can help in both areas. Good posture leads to more employee productivity – this is a basic idea that most people will agree with.  

Footrests support good posture. This way, employee productivity will increase to the optimal levels, and the revenues will eventually reflect that growth. 

Now, a footrest supports good posture, and this helps employees stay healthy for longer periods. This means employees don’t face back problems. 

The business saves replacement costs, hiring costs and additional medical liabilities – all in one go.

So far, we have not even looked into the aesthetic value of a footrest, and it already seems to be a crucial accessory!

Here is how we can help you get the right footrests for your office.

Office furniture does not require much thought – at least that’s how most people think about it. The reality is different.

You have to thoughtfully plan out the interiors of an office to optimize for productivity and costs. Furniture accessories will play a critical role in it.

If you are trying to buy desks that have a footrest ottoman already built into them, you might end up eliminating a ton of good options. 

This is because even if a desk is of good quality, has the right size, looks and fits into a budget but lacks a footrest ottoman – you might not buy it 

Thus, you can solve the entire problem by simply buying a set of footrests ottoman. Between all the ergonomic accessories, footrests have one of the best returns on investments.

The key idea then is to buy the right set of footrests ottoman.

We have helped several businesses, and we can help you too.

Over the years, we have seen several businesses grow tremendously because they made the right investments in their office furniture. 

After all, office furniture has a direct impact on the business’ topline and employee health. Thus, we have a different approach to furniture selection and customization.

We start the process with a free consultation session. Here, we discuss the problems you are facing with your office interiors.

By the end of the session, we give you a free office interior plan. On top of that, we give you full customization options in size, material and colour.

You can get your footrest ottoman delivered in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne and Darwin.

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