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Chair Mats

Most of us never think we need office chair mats. After all, the chairs are all we need to sit; right? Not exactly. If you are planning to use your office chairs for more than a few weeks, you need chair mats.

Have you ever seen a seasoned biker ride through the street? Some of the obvious things you will notice would include the way he sits and the kind of gear he uses.

This fact holds true not just for the veterans of the motorcycle world; but also the folks who have been running productive offices for years now. They understand their ‘gear’ really well.

If you want to optimize the productivity in your offices, you should focus on areas which are otherwise missed by other business operators. One such area includes the chair mats.

Here is how getting chair mats can save a ton of your capital.

Chair mats single-handedly save your business a ton of money. Wondering how? Here are just a few ways:

  1. Save time from micro-adjustments: If your seat has wheels, it will slide once in a while and you might have to adjust. Office chair mats give you more grip on the ground.
  2. Save your office flooring from possible damage: The wheels or stand beneath a chair can cause scratches on the office floor. 

If you live in a rented space, you might attract penalties from the office owners. Even if you own the office, not getting office chair mats may decrease the usable age of your office floor. 

  1. Add aesthetic value to your office: Every office needs a well-planned interior. This shows the employees that the business is doing well and they have a professional work environment.

Office chair mats don’t allow chairs to be rolled from one place to another when they are vacant. This ensures that the chairs are exactly where the user had last left them. 

This adds up to a sense of control and organization to an employee.

Want some help in getting quality chair mats? We are here for you

It is not easy to go out of line and buy chair mats for your office. Even if you know the tremendous amount of benefits that they have, you have plan for a decision of this stature.

We can help you navigate through the entire process of planning for, choosing, finalizing, ordering and placing the chair mats.

The first thing we do is – call you up for a coffee chat. In this chat, we try to understand your business and then come up with an office furniture solution to suit it.

Once we have figured out the right office chair mats for your business, we work with some of the finest craftsmen in the industry to get you quality products.

To add to this, we deliver across Australia – in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne and Canberra. We also provide one of the best warranties in the entire industry. 

You can reach out to our team via email or phone to avail your free consultation session. Professional chair mats and your team’s optimal productivity are just a phone call away!