Reflect Groovy Pattern Office Chair

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The Reflect Groovy Pattern Office Chair is a great addition to  your office. This Groovy Pattern Chair brings life and vitality to dull office spaces while using the best ergonomic things. Support and comfort meets style and action with the Reflect Groovy Pattern Office Chair.

The Reflect Chair has a wide square back creating a lot of support. The chair aids the curved shape of the back. This allows for perfect support in the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine. This also stops the users sitting with their spine in a ‘C’ position. This level of back support minimises work place related back injuries by providing the correct support. Correct support in users office chairs not only eliminates injury but also increase productivity. Productivity is increased by making the user feel supported and therefore focused on their work as opposed to the discomfort they are feeling by the Reflect Office Chair .  This Office Chair boosts productivity, user satisfaction and happiness within the workplace as well as reduces risk of injury.

The Reflect Office Chair is perfect for use around your office from sales people to executive team this unparalleled comfort is on a level of its own. With classic features like Castor Wheels, Gas Lift Systems, Adjustable Back and Seat tilt the Reflect Office Chair is perfect for everyone. Everyone will be satisfied with the Reflect Chairs customisable options.

Make this Groovy chair part of your office today! Bring vitality, productivity, life, happiness and get rid of weakness, idleness, apathy and sadness.

Reflect Groovy Pattern Office Chair Features

  • Groovy Pattern Fabric Options
  • Castors
  • Gas lift system
  • Adjustable back and seat tilt
  • Square back

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