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Education furniture

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Education is one of the noblest businesses. You are creating real impact. Yet, it is a business, and it needs special attention to give comfort to its customers. Hence, education furniture becomes crucial. 

First and foremost – you will have to acknowledge the fact that you are in the education business. You might be running a training centre or an education consulting company. 

As far as you are having a few people sit in a room while you teach them something for a few hours in a month – you are in the education business. 

The furniture needs of education businesses are different

A typical office only has a few areas – a meeting room, working space and probably a breakout area. 

An education business will have working group area, locker rooms, classrooms, library, quiet zones and breakout areas.

So, when you start thinking about the kind of furniture, you will have to focus on the needs of each zone. 

If you are thinking of buying university furniture, you will naturally think bigger. But bigger does not always mean better. 

By understanding the dynamics of each classroom, you can filter your choices. 

Classrooms should not be created as per the ages-old template. These days, there are more alternatives available for setting up a class.

You can choose the typical linear seating arrangements. Or you can divide students into smaller groups, and have roundtables for each group.

Student desks should be big enough to be comfortable, have a sturdy built quality and enough space to keep things.

Similarly, if you are running a TAFE centre or a training centre, you will have to focus on institute furniture or TAFE furniture

Depending on what you teach, the required furniture will change.

How can we help you get better education furniture?

If you are in the education business, you must be aware of the idea – it’s all about how you approach the problem.

Our services differ, because our approach is different. 

We don’t give you a decades-old catalogue and ask you to put your finger on one set of furniture. That way, you would end up creating classrooms that look old. 

We sit down with you and understand what type of training are you providing and what kind of problems your school furniture should solve.

For instance, – your library may differ from a school library. Apart from the bookshelves, you might want your students to focus by creating quiet zones in the library.

For such a setup, we will help you create a basic interior plan by offering you a free consultation session. Once we have this plan in place, we give you full freedom in customizations 

You can choose materials, colours, sizes and forms when choosing desks, lockers, chairs, seating area, group tables and even breakout area tables. 

When you are delivering quality education, we will provide quality furniture to you

You are already creating a lot of value for society. Hence, your focus should not deviate towards worrying about the delivery of your furniture. We take care of it.

We deliver across Australia. You can have your classroom in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin or Canberra – your furniture will reach you in your desired quality. 

Get in touch with our team today and get yourself a free interior planning and design consultation session.