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Indoor Plants

When you start thinking about office interiors and décor, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Most people would answer that question with wall paint, painting and so on. The real answer that can help you decorate your office space for the better, are indoor plants. Several offices today have started working on building vertical gardens within the workspace.

This particular practice has tremendous benefits. Indoor plants have a deep impact on productivity in the office. Wondering how? Read along.

Indoor plants can help you get more productive, for fewer costs

There are several ways to redesign office space in a way that helps people fight fatigue. You can install a gym or a playing area or even a sleeping zone.

The most cost-efficient way of doing this is by using indoor plants. You can use them singlehandedly for redecorating the office and for boosting productivity.

We as humans feel healthy when we are around nature. Indoor plants, by design, help us tweak our space of the office working area. It changes from being a mundane place to a refreshing place.

The biggest boost they give, apart from the obviously increased levels of oxygen in the room, is the visual treat. If you are working on a computer all day long, you will enjoy looking at indoor plants

Hence, if you are operating in an industry where long hours are a norm, indoor plants can be of great help in making people get rid of fatigue. 

Use cases of indoor plants

Indoor plants are almost like Swiss-knives. If you are creative, you can use them in any way you want. 

A major benefit of having plants inside the house is that they don’t require a ton of space. You can have a little shrub beneath the tree, on top of a drawer table or hang it by a plant-hanging bracket.

Not just this, you can use indoor plants as false partitions to bifurcate between different areas. Instead of creating walls or buying separate partition screens, you can use levels of plants.

The goal should be to start using plants in a small area of the office and then scale it towards a vertical garden. Some of the best working spaces have vertical gardens within the office premises.

We can help you get the right indoor plants

Getting indoor plants is not as easy as it seems from the outset. Yes, its benefits far outweigh the little effort they require, but there is some effort necessary.

For instance – once you start using indoor plants at a scale, you will have to ensure that they are installed in the right place. They should not interfere with your daily workflow. 

At the same time, you will need ancillary furniture in the form of holders and brackets to store the indoor plants. We can help you with all of this.

Once we have consulted you with ideas to organize your office interiors for maximizing productivity, we will help you select all the necessary plants and their supporting furniture.

Then, we will get you the plants and furniture at your office, because we deliver across Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane and Darwin.

We work with some of the best craftsmen in the industry and hence give you industry-pioneering warranties. Get your free office interior consultation session today!